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This was home recorded at Andy's house in July of 2008.  It is part of a slew of new songs that we laid down all together at once and then some guitar overdubs and vocals later.  Dave Richmond an Alex Butler did the blugga blugga and the blika blika chuka chuka.

Conservative Punks Kick It With Hannity (1,670 KB)  -  lyrics


These were recorded over the span of a 2-year period in 2006 and 2007 with various people donating their time and skills.  Most notably, Adrian Bozeman recorded the drums at the UALR Wesley Foundation when it still had carpet, and then the guitars at his apartment.  About 1.5 years later, Danny Malone and Matt Smith recorded the vocals and did the editing and mixing at the awesome Hot Tracks studio in Austin, TX. Josh and Teddy kicked it on the bass and drums 'til the break of dawn.  We are planning on releasing these songs as part of a full-length album in November, 2008 along with newer material to be recorded.

Circuit Meltdown Imperative (2,857 KB)  -  lyrics
Viking Free Trade Negotiation (4,178 KB)  -  lyrics


These were recorded in February of 2004 in Fayetteville, AR by Scott Cummins in his house on his sweet Macintosh computer.  They were supposed to be on an anti-Wal-Mart fundraiser CD, but that never materialized.  Josh wielded the bass like a battle axe and Dave Dean tore it up on the drums:

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