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right-wing "punks" whining:
"punks hate america?"
reality dictates
fuck this america

genocide, slavery, cold war conquest were the worst
nationalist brainwash keeps 'em in line and you're the fucking first
rendered deaf mute and mostly dumb: neutralized
by the same propaganda that created (viet)'nam

you say: build the wall! keep out those wetbacks one & all
but we're all immigrants until we got a piece (and a gun)
racism is the real problem, inside you it has won

individualist xenophobia - mindless acceptance
your language betrays your thoughts  - "bitch" and "fag" and such
privileged white mouth spewing such utter bullshit
saying the black man's got to get with it

conservative punks - say love it or leave it;
conservative punks - bible stuck up your  ass
stupid fucks - think I'm stuck in the 60's
homeless and poor - you don't give a fuck about

conservative punks - down with the police
conservative punks - drink beer in your yard
logic says - you should kick it with hannity
15-year old kids on skateboards know more than you do


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