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Corporate CEOs & Vikings. 
Two tastes that taste shitty together
(and apart too, actually).


8-1-10 - Yes Fest in Nashville this weekend.  Ben Hehehman is our new bassist.  Sounds dope.  It doesn't sound pimp though.  New songs coming soon.  We will be rocking the Breakfast Machine soon also so stay tuned.

6-3-10 - Big Magic Fest is scaled back... down to one show Friday night, June 11th.  The lineup is TTTAE, Screaming Females from New Jersey, The Rox (Fayetteville), and Dave Dean.
  See ya there... at good old ACAC.

11-19-09 - Tour planned through midwest after Thanksgiving.  Jeremy B. is drumming on that, rendering the "Members" page of this site a little useless and confusing.  Sorry 'bout that  Life is just happening all over the place.

9-18-09 - Bass issue is resolved.  Adam Sweet is now an Exploding Thing himself.  He has two shows under his belt and is rapidly learning all the material.  Go Adam! 

9-14-09 - WARNING! RANT FOLLOWS: There is no worse form of life on this planet than the racist right-wing elements who are blocking working and poor people's access to guaranteed, free health care. Its the 21st century and this is one of the richest and most powerful nations on the planet, indeed in history.  Yet there are 46 million people who can't go to the doctor when they get sick, and millions more in debt to asshole credit agencies for trying to take care of their bodies.  So, if Canada can do it, so can we and the world will continue to revolve.  You're a pawn for the insurance racket, whose executives get rich from denying people needed medical care.  How barbaric.

7-1-09 - We NEED a bass player.  Ideally this would would be someone who: a) lives in Little Rock, b) can tour occasionally, c) can play like that girl in Melt Banana, d) is not ever planning to move to Bloomington, Indiana, e) is a female or person of color, and f) has a rig that will blow eardrums.  Sound good?  Hit us up: explode@thethingthatalwaysexplodes.com .

6-4-09 - No shows for a while; Andy just had back surgery (which was a big success, btw)

4-11-09 - Now with 30% more undertones!  Dave finally got a decent bass amp.

2-16-09 - Hiatus almost over.  News songs coming.  Lots of shows with awesome bands too.  Look out Texas.

11-28-08 - Tour blog is now posted.  Click here to read.  Read all about the trials and triumphs of our ongoing five-week US tour.  Its fun if you're bored.  Why not?

11-26-08 - "Use Your Head" CD Out Now! - We finished a 16-song album.  Its pretty decent.  There are some new songs and some old ones and we are now selling it on tour.  After we get back from tour on Dec. 13th we will post it on this page and will sell it through Paypal.  If you want to get an advance copy now, send us an e-mail to explode@thethingthatalwaysexplodes.com and we'll let you know where to you where to send payment. 

10-31-08 - TTTAE has a new record coming out, but we're still thinking of a name for it.  We are hitting the road in a week to do a 5-week long tour to promote it.  Kickoff is Nov. 6th at Lazer Puzzy.  West Coast... Gulf Coast... East Coast, with the Fly-Over Country not to be left out.   See the Shows section and/or check the myspace page out for dates and info.

10-30-08 - Halloween at Vinos features TTTAE member in Bikini Kill cover act.

8-30-08 - OMG! I can't believe it! Harmeggido (2/3 of former TTTAE lineup) are practicing in my house right now. It sounds f'n dope. So come out to see them at their reunion show at the Lazer Puzzy house tonight. This is for real. They are really playing tonight at the Lazer Puzzy (22nd and Chester, in LR) with CJ Boyd and Prison School from Hot Springs.  Bring cash donations for touring band: CJ Boyd

8-14-08 - Dead Media Project is releasing an analog recording of TTTAE on 8-track(!) this Friday at the Schiller St. Block Party.  Be there.

7-18--08 - Show moved to Easy St. b/c of some narcs or something.  Legal as pie now, jerky.

7-11--08 - We're starting to do the recording of about 6 new songs.  Also, come to the Lazer Puzzy house  on July 18th (Friday) 11pm for a good time and knock yer teeth out or something.

4-29-08 -
TTTAE's 7th Anniversary is this Thursday, May 1st (May Day!).  Celebration is in Hot Springs at The Exchange with the awesome band, Holy Shit!.  Be there.

4-7-08 - We have several new shows booked.  Check the shows section.  We also have several new songs full of piss and vinegar.  Also, big US tour is being planned for Nov-Dec. 2008.  Get in touch if you wanna help: explode@thethingthatalwaysexplodes.com.

12-26-07 - We have been holed up in our posh penthouse studio up on the top floor for the TCBY tower.  We have three or four new songs.  We will be playing a sneek peek show for the punkers at 315 Schiller St. on Jan 15th.  Come by and say hello.   Also, we want to play shows in Ft. Smith, Memphis, Fayetteville, Jonesboro, Pine Bluff, Texarkana, Searcy, etc.  If you can book us on a show in any of these places, we will be your BFF.

12-25-07 - The War on Christmas continues... HAPPY HOLIDAYS!  Ha Ha Ha!  I realized all you have to do to piss off conservatives is to say Happy Holidays all the time instead of Merry Christmas.  SEASONS GREETINGS!

10/14/07 - Awesome show with radical band, The New Flesh is planned for Nov. 5th at Vino's; please go... See the shows section for details.

9/9/07 - We have a couple of new videos posted on Youtube.  They're from the Bike City Recyclery in Fayetteville, this past June 29.  Check it: Viking Free Trade Negotiation and The Whole Banana !

8/24/07 - Announcing Dave Richmond as new bassist for TTTAE.   Hazing has commenced.  First we have stripped him to his underwear and
bathed him in chocolate syrup.  Next, we will be placing him along with 14-20 other adolescent boys between mattresses while we dance around on the mattresses listening to Limp Bizkit and our doing own chanting: "fight fuck fight fuck fight fuck, eat hot pussy!!!*"
(*this is an an actual SAE fraternity chant usually done at 2 or 3 am on weeknights outside in the front yard at UA-Fayetteville!).  Welcome home Dave...  we've been waiting (evil laugh!!!!)!

8/15/07 - Kate has decided to hang it up with us.  We will miss her.  Good luck in future endeavors Kate.  Props for being there when it mattered every time.  We took a band real posed band photo together that never got posted, so here it is (above).  On Old Main front lawn at the UA in Fayetteville, AR.

7/27/07 - We're playing a show with these dudes tonight; come check it out, on Schiller St. in Besonville.  See shows section for details.

7/4/07(Fourth of U-Lie) - We just finished a trip to Fayetteville and St Louis.  Thanks to the Bike City Recyclery and Lemp Arts Center for having us and everyone else who made it possible.

6/1/07 - We have a show booked in St Louis on July 30th at the Lemp Arts Center.  If anyone knows a place we can play between LR and St. Louis on June 29th or July 1st, please drop us a line at explode@thethingthatalwaysexplodes.com . Thanks!

5/11/07 - We learned a "new" song tonight.  We'll slamm it or jamm it (?) at the show tomorrow night at Riverfront Park with Benny Stoofy from Detroit.  See shows section for details

3/17/07 -
Romans go home!  The show that was supposed to be at The Treehouse still happened despite the LRPD's best attempts to stop these shows.  And the show went off great.  The shows are still happening, and people will be coimng in greater numbers now thanks to the media hype that busting the Treehouse created.  Ironically, the night these cops were busy shutting down kids having fun and making their own culture, there was an LR shooting that they were late for.  Way to go Barney, maybe you'll get a medal now. 

Incidentally, TTTAE's website was noted in this ditzy Arkansas Times blog entry regarding the incident.   I say ditzy because they make it sound like the police might've actually had a just reason for interrupting
the shows and intimidating the house occupants with false charges ("operating a business w/o a license", though the've never made a dime off their shows and 90% of them are 100% free).  Anyone who looks at the case with any interest in fact or an informative story would ask who told the Times that the campus' finest had been coming around and giving warnings? 

Whoever it was (if anyone), they are lying.  No one, including the cops that were there that night when Matt and Kim were playing had ever had registered any sound complaint.  The police admitted this on a KUAR 89.1 FM radio interview. The claim about the parking tickets has a grain of truth it, but is nowhere near the whole story.  The only parking tickets ever given were to people who parked in a campus parking lot adjacent to The Treehouse after hours. That's actually another episode of harrassment because showgoers 
parked in that lot and were ticketed ONLY after-hours.  That's a real public nuisance (NOT), one worthy of expending hundreds of taxpayer dollars on by using up at least 20 or 30 police man-hours over the three or four shows that the cops were able to put down their bear claws long enough to make it out to.

The problem with the Times' blog entry is that they didn't ask the follow-up questions or present the full story about the main supposed reason they gave for the "harrassment" (Times'
quotes).  Times, are you lazy?... or just smugly ageist?  Let us know.

3/14/07 - Due to police harassment of the Treehouse, the show tonight has moved.  It starts tonight at 8:00 pm.   Spread the word!  Its tonight, so be there!   Its gonna rule!  Casket Architects are amazing.  

3/8/07 - This just in: we got put on the bill for the Casket Architects (from Warwick, NY) show at the Treehouse.  They are a quality band.  Check the Shows section for details.  The most sickness ever!  Very unhealthy indeed.

2/18/07 - We've been practicing a lot and working getting all the old songs down with the new crew so we can write new ones.  We learned a new cover song by the Minutemen and more shows are on the way.  See you at the Arkansas Sustainability Network (on Victory St., between 2nd and Markham) on March 31st, and next Friday: 2/24/07 at a house show.  Check the Shows section for details.

1/15/07 - At one of our last shows we played in a house out of town where there was a conspicuous poster on the walls in one of the bedrooms.  A poster with pictures of a group of rappers and hip hoppers from and someone had drawn the word: "nigger" on each of their foreheads.  I felt like saying something about it at time, but it was in this dude's bedroom and not out in the rest of the house where the public was so I decided to just steer clear of it.  I didn't like it.  It sucked.  The guy who put on the show was nice and so were the showgoers.  But the poster really sucked.  It was a pooster, not a poster.  Rethink yourself or go kick it with Hannity.

12/29/06 - We played a show on the same night that they executed Saddam Hussein.  And there was a TV on there announcing it right as we started to play.  I felt like a major part of my growing up had died along with Saddam.  I mean he was 2 Minutes Hate for most of my life.  Now he's gone.  Well, too bad that they got the wrong guy: another patsy.  How come the winners are never on trial for war crimes?  Might makes right once again.

12/26/06 - We have a couple of shows scheduled, so please come to them.   One is this Friday, 12/29/06 in Russelville, AR at Fort Delicious (203 B S Pittsburg Ave. Russellville, AR).   The other one is in Little Rock on New Year's Eve at the Treehouse (109. S. Cedar, LR - near UAMS).

12/10/06 - Two new people have joined the band.  Kate and Alex.  We played our first show together near Cabot, AR in the freezing cold on the back of a flatbed truck just like our hero George Thorogood (except it wasn't moving) on December 9th, 2006 with Vasto and The Ripoffs.  

10/17/06 - Well its been quite a frustrating 12 months.  There have been no shows for almost a year.  And we only played one show in the six months previous to that.  In that time, Teddy moved to Austin.  Josh decided to stop playing so he could focus more on school and because he was kind of burned out.  Things change, but collaboration possibilities remain in the future, perhaps? 

We would also like to announce that the Moffett, OK police dept. can kiss our collective asses.

10/13/06 - We'll be participating in the ACAC's Great Halloween Coverup this year as we did last year.  Its at Vinos on October 28th.  We're collaborating with other non-TTTAE people again and covering "The Sundays".  See: http://www.myspace.com/acacarkansas for more details.

3/29/06 - We will be on hiatus for the next few months due to our yearly precussionist re-education training camp.  E-mail the address below to get on the totally TTTAE e-mail list and hence be in the know about our next show.

1-16-06 - This Friday is sure to be a great show in Ft. Smith at Hesher's with an awesome band from Chicago called Fourth Rotor (members of 8BARK and V-REVERSE).  Its going to be this Friday, Jan. 20th at 7:30 pm.  See http://www.heshersmusic.com and http://www.thethingthatalwaysexplodes.com for details.

E-mail us: explode@thethingthatalwaysexplodes.com